When it comes to facing heights, we as humans tend to take on a flight or fight response. This can mean embracing the inevitable full force or clutching onto the panic inducing fear. The way we perceive heights can in some ways reveal a deeper part of what fear can evoke in all of us. It may also bring out the joy in most people who find heights to be an adrenaline rush. In many ways, the moment before a jump or a leap can mean inducing a rush of adrenaline, bringing us back for more. Personally, I have always loved the idea of heights and being away from the ground. Being near heights has always been an escape for me and a calming experience.

For this compositing project, I wanted to examine the contrast between fear versus adrenaline. To justify my project’s own concept I made sure to depict my model’s personal perceptions of the idea of seizing that leap or the fear of falling or landing in the gray area of neutrality. To execute these composited photos, I made sure to take photos of the ledges I wanted as the background and made sure to make the lighting as correct as possible between my models and background. I had my models portray how they felt about heights, Joe’s fear of falling and Cole’s passivity. For myself, I wanted to show the adrenaline I feel when it comes to stepping closer to that edge.